• Behind these houses is my home, where the clouds of smoke are rising. Photography: Hammoud Junaid
    Somewhere Safe to Live

    Under bombardment by regime forces, a man and his wife prepare for the arrival of their first child.

  • Suad holds up a placard that says "ISIS prisons= regime prisons." Photography by Zaina Erhaim.
    Lone Protester Takes Stand on Raqqa Abductions

    By Zaina Erhaim* (Raqqa, Syria) – Suad stands alone for hours outside the headquarters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group in the city of Raqqa in northern Syria, holding up a sign bearing the brightly-coloured inscription, “No to kidnapping, no to detention, no to theft in the name of religion.”

  • Activists in the Muaddamiyyah suburb of Damascus say that seven-year-old Duaa is suffering from malnutrition.Credit: YouTube.
    Why the West is Wrong on Syria

    By Razan Zaitouneh Why does the West insist on dealing with our dead and injured as if they were less valuable than a Westerner – and as if our casualties don’t even deserve respect or compassion? After the chemical massacre in Syria’s two Ghoutas, we believed that the world would, at last, take our interests into account in one way […]

  • A detainee being beaten by Syrian Army soldiers. Credit: YouTube
    What to Expect in Detention

    Note from the editorial team: The writer of the following story shared his experience being arrested in 2012 with the Damascus Bureau. “Where are you from?” “From Suweida” “And Douma, you…” That’s when the beating started.

  • A picture of the founding conference of the coalition. Credit: Facebook.
    Will the National Coalition of Revolutionary Forces in Eastern Gh

    By Razan Zeitouneh Note: This report is the third in a series dedicated to the institutions set up by the opposition in the areas controlled by the opposition in Eastern Ghouta. You can read the first two reports here and here.

  • Abu Ali Khibbiyeh - Photo by Razan Zeitouneh
    A conversation with Abu Ali Khibbiyeh, Douma Shield Battalions Co

    Razan Zeitouneh There are many stories about Abu Ali Khibbiyeh. He is frequently reported to be dead, although these reports have turned out to be only rumours. Some say he has been reckless on the battlefield. Others praise his courageous and chivalrous nature.

  • An agreement between the local council of Erbeen and  armed groups. The leaders of armed groups pledge to abide by the local council's decisions and to consult with the council about any military decision that might affect civilians' lives. Photo credit: Erbeen local council
    Local Council in Erbeen: A Fighter’s Place is on the Front and

    By Razan Zaitouneh EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second in a series of articles on the new institutions in areas controlled by the Syrian opposition in the liberated Eastern Ghouta area outside Damascus. These reports are designed to highlight the efforts of activists and local residents to fill the void created by the absence of state institutions. (Erbeen, Syria) — […]

  • An ice cream truck was turned into makeshift morgue - Photography by Razan Zeitouneh
    The General Authority for Civil Defence in Douma: Volunteers Doin

    By Razan Zeitouneh EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a series of articles on the new institutions in areas controlled by the Syrian opposition in the liberated Eastern Ghouta area outside Damascus. These reports are designed to highlight the efforts of activists and local residents to fill the void created by the absence of state institutions. (Douma, Syria)- The […]

  • A broken icon inside the Harasta church. Photography by Razan Zeitouneh
    Harasta: A Gutted City

      By Razan Zeitouneh (Harasta, Syria) – The maze of roads winding through the ramshackle suburbs in what was once Damascus’s agricultural greenbelt is reminiscent of the capital’s old city; locals say any road in one particular area will often lead a traveller to the same destination as the other nearby roads. This once lush rural area, called Eastern Ghouta, […]

  • A cell in Homs central prison - Mukhtarat Min Al Thawra blog
    The Horrors of the Holding Cell of Death

    The Syrian security establishment’s detention centres are notorious.  I have read stories about them written by former detainees imprisoned before the start of the Syrian uprising in 2011, and heard first-person accounts from friends and relatives arrested following the demonstrations in March of that year. Having heard so many stories, and, as a journalist, I always wondered what it was […]

  • Activists and defectors use forged documents to get through regime checkpoint. Source: Facebook
    The Syrian Fraud Market saves lives

    “This is a big relief.” I repeated this sentence in numerous calls I made to extend my gratitude to those who facilitated my younger brother Jawad’s defection from the Syrian army. The ordeal took 21 days. After leaving his station on the Lebanese border, Jawad arrived at the Karkemich crossing in the Northern Syrian town of Jarablus on the Turkish […]

  • A demonstration against the Syrian regime staged in Istanbul by Syrian refugees - YouTube
    Syrian Activists in Istanbul Face Difficulties, Disillusionment

    As an activist living inside Syria, I imagined Syrians living in Istanbul sleeping in fancy hotels and living comfortably. Activists inside Syria have even come up with a name for this kind of activist — the ‘hotel opposition’. They are said to receive unconditional material and political support from certain international parties involved with the Syrian revolution.

  • Yarmouk Caught Between Shelling and Siege
    Yarmouk Caught Between Shelling and Siege

    I entered the Yarmouk refugee camp on foot, taking the bridge. I was accompanied by a young Syrian journalist and an aid worker who warned me: “If we don’t manage to get out before 2 p.m. we’ll become targets for the snipers spread out along the edges of the camp.”  It is not that the snipers abide by a strict […]

  • A "Freedom Card" for a  woman detained by the regime - Facebook
    A Sign from Deir El-Zor

    Ward al-Assi “Here lies the Deir of Hearts: Angels carry the sorrow of Syria.” This sentence, written on one of many Facebook pages dedicated to the Syrian revolution, caught my attention a few days ago while I was looking for news of my home city of Deir El-Zor. My curiosity pushed me to seek out the young activists behind the […]

  • Syrian refugees queuing at the Bab Al-Hawa border crossing
    Bab Al-Hawa: Legal Smuggling

    Rasha Rami I spent 17 hours with my family at the Bab Al-Hawa border crossing, but it felt like a lifetime. After crossing legally into Turkey, our three-month visa had ended, and so we were forced to return to the crossing in order to renew our papers. But according to a new Turkish law, no one is allowed to renew […]

  • "Could we hope that our Egyptian friends take [steps] to stop the incitement against Syrian refugees?"
    Social Media Monitor: Activists Refuse “Incitement” a

    During the recent events in Egypt that the led to the ousting of President Mohammad Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood opponents have accused Syrian refugees of endorsing Egypt’s Islamists and taking part in violent demonstrations. These accusations have been made on mainstream and social media.   

  • Social Media Monitor: Syrians Divided Over Morsi’s Ousting
    Social Media Monitor: Syrians Divided Over Morsi’s Ousting

    The ousting of Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi on Wednesday, July 3, caused divisions among Syrians. In an interview with the government-owned daily Al-Thawra, President Bashar al-Assad declared that what happened in Egypt was “simply the fall of so-called political Islam.” He added that it was “the fall of the type of government with which the Muslim Brotherhood have tried to […]

  • "Breaking …hurtful… a criminal execution of a young man and two women in the Aleppo countryside by Al-Nusra Front"
    Social Media Monitor: Syrian Pound Reaches All Time Low

    The Syrian pound dropped to an unprecedented low on Monday, June 17, when the dollar was traded, for the first time, at around 200 Syrian pounds. A correspondent of The Damascus Bureau who lives in a government-controlled district of Aleppo reported that jewelers and owners of electrical appliances stores are now only accepting payments in dollar. Reuters also reported that […]

  • "…Did the Syrian revolution start in order to achieve noble goals such as freedom, dignity, justice, democracy, and citizenship, or in order to violate freedom, which is already violated…Where is Syria heading?"
    Social Media Monitor: A 15-year old executed for blasphemy

    Mohammad Qattaa, a 15-year-old who sold coffee on the street in the opposition-controlled Al-Shaar neighbourhood in Aleppo, was asked on Saturday, June 8 if he could give someone coffee on credit. According to reports, he replied, saying: “Even if [the Prophet] Mohammad descended on Earth, I wouldn’t sell on credit.” Militiamen abducted the young man and brought him back the […]

  • "There is still fighting on the outskirts of Qusair, especially in the countryside. As you know, Qusair is big and has many combat fronts. God willing, you will soon hear good news."
    Social Media Monitor: Government Forces Seize Qusair

    This video was published on Qusair Media Centre’s channel on YouTube on Sunday, June 2, two days before the city was seized by government forces. Rockets fall near the cameraman as he films. Two weeks after the battle began,  fighting in Qusair came to an end on the morning of Wednesday, June 5, when the Syrian government declared that its […]

  • Social Media Monitor: Opposition Supporters Denounce Hezbollah Interference
    Social Media Monitor: Opposition Supporters Denounce Hezbollah In

    The battle of Qusair continues to rage as government troops, backed by fighters from Hezbollah, advance slowly into the city under fierce resistance from opposition fighters. On Wednesday, May 29, government troops recaptured Dabaa military airport, which lies to the northeast of Qusair and was used by the rebels to launch counterattacks on the government’s offensive in the city’s north. […]

  • A photo published by The Coordination Committee in Raqqa on Facebook shows the preparation for the execution
    Social Media Monitor: Executions in Raqqa Anger Civil Activists

    On May 14, Islamist militiamen in the north-eastern city of Raqqa executed three prisoners who were alleged to be Alawite officers from the Syrian government’s army.  A YouTube video shows the execution, during which a speaker announces that it is in retaliation for the Banias massacre.  The speaker announced that the operation was in the name of the Islamic State […]

  • "Banias - A massacre at the hands of the minority that you wanted the Security Council to protect." A photo published by the Syrian Revolution 2011 page on Facebook.
    Social Media Monitor: Sectarian Tension Runs High after Banias Ma

    The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human rights declared on Thursday, May 16 that it has documented 145 killings in the massacre that reportedly took place in the coastal city of Banias on May 2. The massacre occurred as Syrian government troops and loyalist militiamen carried out a military operation on May 2 to seize certain districts of the city of […]

  • Social Media Monitor: A massacre near Damascus
    Social Media Monitor: A massacre near Damascus

     Social Media Monitor: A massacre near Damascus There were several conflicting reports about the death toll resulting from the military operation launched by Syrian government troops in Jdaidet Al fadel and Jdaidet Artouz, two suburbs southwest of Damascus. This military operation lasted for nearly six days and ended on Sunday, April 21. Several reports estimated 500 civilians died in the […]

  • A cartoon by artist Ayham Jumaa, shows the artist’s hope that the minaret of Al Omari Mosque in the city of Deraa will be rebuilt after the fall of President Bashar al-Assad – Facebook
    Social Media Monitor: The Minaret of Al Omari Mosque Destroyed

    The minaret of Al Omari Mosque in the city of Deraa, one of Syria’s oldest mosques, was destroyed by shellfire on Friday, April 12. The mosque is believed to have been built in the seventh century and has a symbolic value for opposition supporters because it witnessed the first protest in Deraa in March 2011. A YouTube video shows the […]

  • Social Media Monitor: Explosions in Damascus Continue
    Social Media Monitor: Explosions in Damascus Continue

    A huge explosion shook Damascus on Monday, April 8, killing 15 people and injuring dozens. The blast tore through the Sabe’ Bahrat Square near the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance, and is the third explosion of this scale since the start of the 2013. The location of the explosion and heavy security in the area led many opposition […]

  • "It is difficult to know for sure [who was behind the shelling] of the University of Damascus. The regime could have done it in order to hit the popular base of the revolution. To be continued."
    Social Media Monitor: Damascus University under Fire

    Attacks by mortar shells have become an almost daily event in Damascus. On Thursday, March 28, mortars hit the Faculty of Architecture building at the University of Damascus, killing at least 15 students at an outdoor cafeteria. This marked the second major attack against a university in Syria this year: rockets hit the University of Aleppo in January, killing dozens […]

  • "Concentrate a little – why didn’t most of the known figures run for the post of interim prime minister?  Right – how didn’t I think of that?! Because [the interim prime minister] cannot be nominated for the position of prime minister after the regime falls" A cartoon by artist Juan Zero – Facebook
    Social Media Monitor: An American Citizen Elected Interim Prime M

    After several delays, members of the opposition National Coalition managed to elect an interim prime minister on Tuesday, March 19. The elected official Ghassan Hitto is a Kurdish Syrian who holds the American citizenship. Many opposition supporters made sarcastic comments about Hitto, like this man from Homs, who expressed his “joy” that the opposition has a new leader: The Norway-based […]

  • Social media monitor: Syrian Women’s Friday
    Social media monitor: Syrian Women’s Friday

    This year, the international women’s day had a special significance in Syria; it was a Friday, the day opposition supporters take to the street to demonstrate against the regime in a tradition they have kept since March 2011. The protests on Friday, March 8 were held under the title The Friday of the Syrian Rebel Woman. On that day, opposition […]

  • Social Media Monitor: Regime Loses Raqqa
    Social Media Monitor: Regime Loses Raqqa

    Crowds knock down Hafez al-Assad’s statue – YouTube The biggest news about Syria this week was perhaps the fall of the city of Raqqa in rebels’ hands on Monday, March 4. According to a video circulated on YouTube the governor of Raqqa Hassan al-Jalali and the head of the branch of the Baath Party in the province Suleiman al-Suleiman were […]

  • Photoblog: Taking Back the Syrian Revolution
    Photoblog: Taking Back the Syrian Revolution

    Aleppo residents return to the streets to defend the ideal of a peaceful popular uprising.

  • A village in Wadi al-Nassara in the Province of Homs. Credit: Wadi al-Nassara page on Facebook.
    Christian Villagers in Syria Face Dilemma about Taking up Arms

    By Mariam Abdullah* (WADI AL-NASSARA – HOMS PROVINCE) – This past July, around 50 frightened Christian villagers in a town in an area of western Syria known as the “Christian Valley” gathered in a hall next to the town’s orthodox church. The village priest stood before them, and peered at the tired and anxious faces in the crowd as they […]

  • Opposition Activists in Damascus Give Views on Peaceful Solution
    Opposition Activists in Damascus Give Views on Peaceful Solution

      (Damascus, Syria) – Negotiations around the Geneva II conference, which aims to bring the Syrian opposition and the regime into dialogue, have reached a critical stage: the decision on whether the conference will be held and under what conditions will be made soon. Reports indicate that the West is increasing pressure on the external opposition to attend the conference. […]

  • PYD fighters clash with Al-Nsura Front in Tal Abyad in September. Credit: YouTube.
    The Free Syrian Army and Armed Kurdish Parties: Perpetual Conflic

    By Raed Khalil* (Tal Abyad, Syria) – Clashes between rival militias have become the norm in the town of Tal Abyad and neighbouring villages. The battles usually pit the Kurdish faction, called the Force for the Protection of the People, against an alliance of Arab militias, composed of the Al-Qaeda affiliated Islamist militia, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria […]

  • Demonstrators in Salqeen Give their Views on Military Strike, Political Solution
    Demonstrators in Salqeen Give their Views on Military Strike, Pol

    The Damascus Bureau asked residents of the opposition-controlled town of Salqeen in Idlib province to give their views on American military intervention and how to end the Syrian crisis. The interviewees participated in a demonstration on September 13, which was part of the weekly Friday demonstrations against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that started in 2011. The demonstration followed the initiation […]

  • A banner held during a demonstration in Homs late August. Credit: "Lens Young Homsi" page on Facebook
    Where Do Activists Stand between the American Strike and the Russ

    By Salem Nassif Some opposition activists regard Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s initiative to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis, which followed the chemical weapon attack in Ghouta, as an opportunity to come to a solution that will at least lessen the suffering and death of Syrians. Others see the initiative as nothing more than yet another attempt to […]

  • Photo A poster advertises a rock concert in the Damascus neighbourhood of Maliki. Credit: "Lens Young Dimashqi" page on Facebook.
    After Talk of Strikes Subsides, Life Returns to “Normal” and

    By Raheel Ibrahim* (Jaramana, Syria) – Nour, 38, is preparing to travel from her neighbourhood of Jaramana, on the outskirts of Damascus, to her hometown in Tartous for her daughter’s Duaa’s wedding.  The wedding will finally take place at the end of September – it’s already been postponed twice: once in August, due to fighting between government forces and rebels […]

  • Syrian Media Address Potential Strike
    Syrian Media Address Potential Strike

    By Raheel Ibrahim* (Damascus, Syria) – Television presenter Rasha Kassar introduced the 30th episode of Suria Tatahawar (Syria Discusses) on the official Syrian satellite channel with the following words: “What is all this fuss about American statements and posturing that rational minds are describing as dangerous and tragic? Didn’t terrorists use Sarin gas in Spain, France and London? Didn’t the […]

  • Activists in Aleppo countryside prefer arming the opposition over military intervention
    Activists in Aleppo countryside prefer arming the opposition over

    Ayman Mohammed Talk has been circulating about the possibility of Western countries, and specifically the United States, staging a military operation against the Syrian government. However, since the beginning of the peaceful protests, most activists have been unified in their refusal of any direct external intervention. They see this as a war on the local, home-grown uprising to topple President […]

  • A recent meeting of the National Coalition. Credit: Facebook
    Noura al-Amir: From Solitary Confinement to the National Coalitio

    Yasmine Maree (Gaziantep, Turkey) – Syrian activist Noura al-Amir, 26, recalls the demonstrations of early 2011 in which she participated. “‘Oh Sniper Sniper…here are our necks and heads’ was not merely a silly chant,” Amir said. “Demonstrators were singing it knowing the snipers lurked in wait for them. It’s the revolution, the spark that started in Tunisia and lit up […]

  • Fliers distributed by the Syrian Army warn citizens not to “lose the opportunity” to be forgiven. Credit: Qara City media centre Facebook page.
    Regime supporters and opposition united in rejection of general a

    Note: The editorial team has changed the names of the speakers and withheld the identity of the author for their own safety. Since the start of the revolutionary movement in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad has issued several general amnesty decrees in an attempt to contain the instability and preserve the regime. In the past, regime supporters have accepted and justified these […]

  • Opposition Bani Maarouf Battalion announcing their establishment; most of the division's members belong to the Druze sect —YouTube
    Does Syria’s armed opposition have room for non-Islamists?

    *Editor’s Note: Syrian government military forces have recaptured the village referred to in this story. The interviewees requested that The Damascus Bureau not publish the name of the village. The Damascus Bureau has also changed Tariq’s name for his own safety. Last winter, 34-year-old Tariq was a wanted man. The Syria’s feared security services sought his arrest for his active […]

  • An evening demonstration in Salamiyyah earlier this month - YouTube
    Peaceful Opposition Continues Despite Militarization

    Youssef Kanaan “We revolted against tyranny because it poisons and disregards our lives,” says the poet and writer Mohamad Dibo, 36, explaining why he stopped actively participating in the uprising after the initial peaceful protest movement devolved into war. “In a peaceful struggle, the probability of getting arrested is about ninety percent, with a ten percent chance of being killed,” […]

  • From Activist to Activist: Amer Mattar talks about the use of media in Syria
    From Activist to Activist: Amer Mattar talks about the use of med

    The third online talk of the series of online lectures of  ‘From Activist to Activist’ presented journalist and documentary filmmaker Amer Mattar. Mattar talked about the media in Syria and how it is being used during the revolution. You can watch the full video below.

  • From Activist to Activist: Hanadi Zahlout talks about the role of women in the revolution
    From Activist to Activist: Hanadi Zahlout talks about the role of

    Syrian writer and human rights activist Hanadi Zahlout discussed in the second online talk of ‘From Activist to Activist”, the role of women in the Syrian revolution. You can watch the full lecture in the following video.


Assad’s Election Gets Short Shrift in Rebel-Held Salqeen

June 19, 2014, 3:07 pm

Opposition authorities and residents of the town shun presidential ballot. Issam Abdel Hamid (Salqeen, Syria) – Unlike regime-controlled parts of Syria, which were bustling with voters and rallies in support of President Bashar al-Assad, the streets of Salqeen in the northern Idlib province were empty on June 3. The opposition authorities in the rebel-held town called for a general shutdown […]

Opinions from Opposition-Controlled Town: No to a Diplomatic Solution

March 17, 2014, 4:07 pm

(Salqeen, Syria) — After the Geneva 2 talks, Damascus Bureau took to the streets of opposition-controlled Salqeen in Idlib province to survey public opinion on the feasibility of the diplomatic process in resolving the crisis in Syria. Strikingly, all those who spoke to the camera expressed their lack of faith in the possibility that negotiations between the opposition and the […]

Private Generators Provide Temporary Solution to Electricity Shortage in Idlib

February 25, 2014, 1:45 pm

The constant power cuts in the towns and cities of Idlib have pushed the citizens toward finding alternative sources of electricity. After losing hope that their electricity, which is generated by stations in areas under the control of the Damascus-based central government , would return, some of the citizens pooled their resources to buy massive generators in order to provide […]

Snowstorm Freezes Life in Idlib Province

January 7, 2014, 2:31 pm

Severe weather brings extra hardship for citizens suffering effects of conflict (Salqeen, Syria) – Snow was once a cause for joy in Syria, but the darkness of war and destruction that spread over most cities here has multiplied the harsh effects of the December storm. In the province of Idlib, shortages meant shops raised prices on all goods, with the […]

Eight Year-Old Who Lost Family Unable to Attend School

December 23, 2013, 5:47 pm

Eight-year-old Mustafa lost his entire family in December 2012 when government warplanes dropped explosive barrels on their house in the small town of Maarat Misreen in the northern province of Idlib. Mustafa now lives with his uncle Mahmoud, who’s too scared for his safety to send him to school. A report by Damascus Bureau correspondent Issam Abdel Hamid.

Syrian Opposition Security Apparatus Cracks Down on Cannabis

November 1, 2013, 11:19 am

Cannabis cultivation has spread in opposition-controlled villages surrounding the northern Syrian town of Salqeen. Hash produced in these villages is often smuggled into neighbouring Turkey. Members of the recently formed security force in Salqeen say they are determined to put an end to the cultivation of cannabis. A report by Damascus Bureau correspondent Issam Abdel Hamid.

Bustan Al Qasr Crossing

July 10, 2013, 5:54 pm

Dozens of Aleppans risk their lives every day as they commute between the government-controlled and the opposition-controlled parts of the city, taking the only pedestrian crossing that links the two parts. Government snipers target passersby, most of whom live on one side of Aleppo but work in another.

Bab Al-Hawa Camp Residents Suffer Dire Conditions

July 10, 2013, 5:53 pm

A visit that was done in May to the Bab Al-Hawa camp, located near the crossing on the border with Turkey, reveals the terrible conditions in which displaced Syrians live.  

Aleppans Complain of Armed Groups

July 10, 2013, 4:41 pm

Citizens of Aleppo who live in opposition-controlled parts of the city complain that armed groups in the city are not organized, which is a source of chaos and insecurity as undisciplined armed men roam the streets.

The Sharia Council in Aleppo attempts to fill the legal and security void

July 10, 2013, 4:41 pm

The Sharia Council in Aleppo was formed by several Islamist groups in the opposition-controlled part of the city and has taken over security and judicial duties in the city.

Other News

Some of the observatories (Waheed al-Husny, centre) meet in Kafr Nabel. Photograph: Omar al-Hussein

Opposition Warning Network Predicts Attacks

on January 7, 2015, 4:42 pm / in Society

Citizens in Syria’s northwest use radio communication to advise fighters and civilians of government offensives.

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In the opposition-held town of Kafr Nabel government soldiers are buried without proper funeral rites. Photograph: Abdallah Klido.

Fallen Regime Soldiers Spark Funerals Debate

on January 7, 2015, 1:54 pm / in Society

Opinion is split on whether those who remain loyal to the government in opposition-held town should be granted funeral rites.

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Photoblog: Runners Mark Aleppo Massacre

Photoblog: Runners Mark Aleppo Massacre

on January 6, 2015, 10:27 am / in Photos & Videos, Society

  Last month the Syrian city of Aleppo hosted a race organised by the local branch of the General Authority for Youth and Sports and sponsored by Nasa’em Sooriya Radio. Forty competitors representing various organisations in Aleppo participated in the River Martyr’s Race on December 2, 2014. The race commemorates the Quweiq river massacre which claimed the lives of more […]

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Photoblog: Protesters Show Support for Kurdish Prisoners in Iran

Photoblog: Protesters Show Support for Kurdish Prisoners in Iran

on January 5, 2015, 3:01 pm / in Photos & Videos, Society

Piroz Perik (Qamishli-Syria) A number of Kurdish activists and journalists in the town of Qamishli in northeastern Syria have held a protest in support of a group of Kurdish prisoners who went on hunger strike over their mistreatment in an Iranian prison. According to the protestors, most of the 29 prisoners are members of banned Kurdish political parties. They have […]

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Construction continues on Mount Hass. Photograph: Ahmad al-Akla

New Scheme to Reclaim Land on Mount Hass

on January 2, 2015, 11:28 am / in Society

Local council and town elders in effort to reorganise housing after huge displacement.

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A gathering in the city of Dirik to commemorate the founding of the Assyrian Democratic Organisation, the largest and oldest Assyrian political party in Syria. Photograph: Inmar Abdel Ahad

Syrian Assyrians Want More Than an Apology

on December 31, 2014, 1:47 pm / in Society

Opposition leader’s response seen as a first step to strengthen the Assyrian role in the Syrian opposition.

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The screening of a film at the Mobile Film Festival. Photograph from the centre’s Facebook page.

Cultural Centre Opens in Mount Zawiya

on December 29, 2014, 11:13 am / in Society

Educational courses and cultural events are a valuable addition to people’s lives.

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Nasser al-Qaddour considers himself lucky to have acquired a good prosthetic. Photograph: Mustafa al-Jalal

Amputees Struggle in Kafr Nabel

on December 17, 2014, 5:04 pm / in Society

Local council faces challenge to provide prosthetic limbs and much-needed support to those injured in conflict.

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A child receiving treatment at the Health Care Centre in Bouleil. Photograph: Ahmad al-Bouleily.

Children in Deir al-Zor Hit by New Disease

on December 17, 2014, 1:17 pm / in Society

Local health centre reports 50 cases of bacteremia in just one month.

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Women’s Inheritance Struggle

on December 11, 2014, 1:53 pm / in Blog

As families struggle to survive the ongoing civil war, women’s chances of inheriting from their parents are reduced.

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